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Healing Art

Along the Journey of life we all hit dead ends and bumps, hills and valleys, 

and stub our toes on rocks.


There are pockets of depression or anxiety, grief, exhaustion and overload, jra-healingcatpage.jpg

illness and confusion.


At these times, getting help, support, and healing energy from others is essential.


I've practiced healing as a psychotherapist, life coach, and shamanic practitioner

over the past 20+ years.


Now, with my artistic work, I'm incorporating the creative energy with the healing

and supportive energies in special, custom-made, personalized pieces.



I also create pieces to give your positive goals more power.



Each one is created after a personal discussion about what you need to help you heal

and progress on your personal journey.


The Process


  • you contact me

  • we talk

  • I meditate and we talk again

  • your piece is created and smudged

  • a note of intention is included in each order


The “Ingredients” (a mix of any of these)


  • gemstones related to your needs

  • symbols and/or totems

  • visualization/prayer


The Possibilities


  • necklaces or bracelets

  • embroidered designs (for jewelry, wall hangings, amulet bags)

  • Feng Shui pottery

  • Power dolls

  • GarDoyles (“devil” gargoyles as good luck charms)


The images on this page are of some of the healing stones I use as well as a few

pieces I've made for others.


Please Note: There can be no guarantee that these pieces will heal or change your life.

They are filled with the intention to do so, and have the energy to do so, but as in

any change, they require that you take action, look within yourself, make changes

for yourself, and do what needs doing. The artwork supports those changes and eases

your way along the journey toward healing and self-growth.




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