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SIZING on JourneyRoadArts.com


Journey Road Art specializes in Extra Small and Extra Large (even Extra, Extra Large) sizes; many jewelry products are marked with special sizing in their product titles. If you don't see such indication of size, it's safe to assume that the piece fits the average neck or wrist. See below for what “average” measures.

All measurements given for jewelry on JourneyRoadArts.com is for closed lengths as they will sit on your body. I've already taken the size of the beads into account, so you don't have to worry about how chunky pieces might fit.


What Size Am I?

Two Ways to Measure Yourself for Jewelry


1 – Find a piece of jewelry that sits where you like it. Lay it flat. With a yardstick, measure from the end of the clasp on one side to where the clasp will sit when closed (ie: on a toggle closure, sometimes there's an extra half inch of overlap—you don't want to measure that!).


2 – Drape a soft measuring tape around your neck or wrist (easier for necklaces than bracelets), or get a friend/spouse to help you. Make sure the tape is is not pulled too tight band lays flat without twisting over to determine correct length.


What's an “average” size?


Women's Average Necklace Sizes: People come in many sizes and shapes: the necklace sizes on this list are for average or medium-size necks. Add or subtract an inch or two for yourself.


  • Collar (tight around neck): 12"-13"
  • Choker (at bottom of neck): 14"-16"
  • Princess (at collarbone): 17"-19"
  • Matinee (just below collarbone): 20"-24"
  • Opera (above top breastline): 28"-34"
  • Rope (below top breastline): 45"-48"
  • Lariat (below breasts as far as you like): 45"+


Women's Average Bracelet Sizes: Average bracelet is 7”-7-1/2”; bracelets on Journey Road Arts range from 6” to 9”. Please check product descriptions.


Earring Lengths


Most people forget to measure for earrings, but we all have different sizes between our ears and our shoulders! Earring lengths on JourneyRoadArts.com are taken from the top of the earring hook to the bottom of the earring to take into account different earlobe sizes. So please measure yourself from your pierced hole to wherever you'd like the earring to dangle.


How do I clean my Jewelry?


Click this link to read the Journey Road Arts overview for Care of Art




Some folks are allergic to base metal (or alloys); some to gold; some to Sterling silver. Please check the Product information for all supplies used in each piece. If you need something changed due to allergies, please contact me and I'll do my best to accommodate your needs. (There is a slight upcharge for adding Sterling Silver or Gold Vermeil.)




Can I put water in my JRA vase or soup in my bowl?


I've tested each functional ceramic piece for water retention and noted it in each product description. Your safest bet is to use a waterproof mat or bowl under any ceramic vase if you're placing it on good furniture. All food containing items, such as bowls, are safe for food consumption: glazes used for all such items are non-toxic, unless otherwise marked on product description.


Fashion Doll Fashions


Can I give a JRA doll to to a child?


No. The fashion for the dolls is sometimes made with sharp or small, detachable supplies. They are not child safe and are NOT made to pass safety codes for child products. The fashion dolls and their fashions are for display, not play only.


Journey Road Arts will not assume any responsibility for JRA dolls or the fashion on them if given to children.



If you have any other questions about products offered by Journey Road Arts, please feel free to contact me, Batya. I'll be happy to answer quickly.




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