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Coconut Creek Multicultural Art Show

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I don't do many art or craft shows anymore, at least not down here in South Florida, although I have a wonderful tent and all the tables and display pieces -- even a great Journey Road Arts banner -- needed. 

I love meeting the people that come through, spending the day chatting with folks who enjoy handmade art and craft, with other artists, and with Mom, Dad, Sandy, Harold, or whomever else I rope into helping me! 

My Table Set Up at the Show

But the amount of work it takes to choose what to bring, packing it all up (carefully...very carefully!), lugging it to the car, hoisting it into the car, dragging it out of the car, setting up the displays, unpacking the pieces (carefully...very carefully!), spending the day in the heat of South Florida, then reversing the whole process......oooooooweeeeeeeeeee!! It's a lot of work. A one-day show takes 3-4 days of work. It's a lot. And I'm no spring chicken anymore! 

This past Saturday was a nearby Multicultural Festival including an Art Show that sounded like a lot of fun. It was put on by the Recreation folks of Coconut Creek, who are a great bunch of cheerful, happy people. The running of the show was one of the smoothest, most pleasant art/craft shows I've ever participated in. So thank you to all of them, especially Josh.

Batya and Her Date at the Art Show

I brought pottery only, and sold a commission for a piece I'm going to really enjoy making. It's a double-pinch pot vase with a little gecko, similar to one I made but can't bear to part with because it took me three years from start to finish. If you're an artist, you'll understand my connection

to the piece. Making it wasn't what took all that time. All that time was spent looking at it before I could decide on the glaze! At least it was dry enough for the kiln. Yup. Sure was! 

The best part of the Art Show was the live music that played all day. Bob Folse played guitar and sang with a wonderful backup percussionist. The

music was so good I danced through the afternoon! And bought Bob's CD. (I haven't bought new music since leaving Nashville five years ago, so you know I really enjoyed what I was hearing.) You can hear some of it at his website. There's so much em

otion in it, so much energy. I'll be dancing around a lot until I wear that disc out. 

I know I swore off more shows, but I'm looking around for something for the holidays. Sometimes I just don't learn!!! (and sometimes that's a good thing!)

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