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About Journey Road Arts

About Journey Road Arts

Short Version


JourneyRoadArts.com presents handmade wearable and decorative art products – all made by me, Batya Deene.

Many are one-of-a-kind; many can be customized; and many are my own original designs.


My hope is that you'll find something you just can't resist! Something that will make you smile, keep you happy, or be a

great gift for someone you care about.


If you find something that's “almost-but-not-quite” please contact me. There's nothing I'd like more than to create

something special for you.


And if you see something on the Private Collections page that intrigues you, let me know. I might be able to design

another, similar piece.


Everything on these pages is made with care, love, healing intentions, and joy. I truly pray that all my artwork

carries those energies to you.


One-of-a-kind products might be those that (a) contain stones I can't find again; (b) are a design I won't make again

(even if you beg); (c) are pottery (I don't use molds). Usually I can come up with something similar – feel free to ask.


I'm friendly and available for any questions or ideas, feedback, customization, and requests. Even if you don't see it here,

I might be able to make it. Send me a message through the contact page. I'll get back to you within 48 hours.


Longer, TMI Version: The Inspiration for Journey Road Arts


From hovels to high rises, from trailers to mansions, I'm passionate about the Journey through Life. I always take

the parallel roads, the Old Highway 7, the side, winding path. I like "the road less traveled."


I've seen more of America that way, more of life.

Always someone sitting on a porch who looks up, waves Hello Friend.

The poverty. The open spaces. The riches.

The woods that haven't been trimmed but overarch the roadway.

The birds that sing along with the tree frogs.

The wildflowers nodding colorful greetings in the wind.


My journey across America is similar to my journey through the arts.


Folks say: Get on the Highway—choose one and take it all the way.


I say Why?


This road leads to my hands working wet clay, forming shapes from nothing.

This road leads to adornment -- the sparkling crystals, the geodes from deep within the earth,

the metallic gleam, the tiny shapes—round, hexagonal, triangular, tubular--of beads moving under my fingers,

needle glinting on its way in and out, to form something pretty, something to add to the beauty of the world we

live in.

Pulling threads through cloth, color and texture, celebrating moments of life with display dolls dressed

in ways that bring smiles to adult and children's faces.

Weaving on a loom, the cottons and wools joining together in patterns and textures, some of which have never

gone together before.


Why be limited?

Why not be adventurous and exuberant?

Why not wander through Art like through a buffet: a taste of this and a taste of that?

Why not experience as many tastes as I can?


I happen to love that.


To journey always to new places.


And, yes, sometimes there's a road that comes to an abrupt halt. And I turn around and retrace my path.

But I retrace it in another direction. And maybe what I've seen on the road to the dead end is

the most gorgeous purple sunset over a desert mesa;

a lost coyote tipping his head at me;

a young bear ambling along beside my car as I slow down;

a farm with a dancing ostrich;

a family collecting wheat in a golden field...


These are the things that Art is made of.


To travel this creative journey always to new places – and to take you with me – this is my goal, my purpose,

and my joy in life.


This is what Journey Road Arts brings to you: a crossroads of your life journeys and mine.


There's a bit of my heart and soul, my awe and wonderment in every piece of art on this site. Each one contains a blessing, a hope,

that your journeys are filled with beauty, happiness, learning, growth, and especially love.


I hope you enjoy what I have to offer.


--Batya Deene, artist and perpetual journeyer

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